Psychedelic Somatic Interactive Psychotherapy (PSIP)

The focus of PSIP is to maximize the relational and autonomic healing capacity of psychedelic medicine to treat complex, childhood developmental trauma.   While it is possible to gain new insights and talk your way through a psychotherapy session, Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP) is based on the understanding that it can be more effective to ‘feel’ your way through a psychedelic therapy session.    

PSIP is not an integration model where traditional talk therapy happens after the psychedelic experience to provide benefit, nor a sitter model that often rely on a transcendent bypass of the painful aspects of ego and human relationship.    PSIP is a non-ordinary state psychotherapy, derived from the Psychedelic Somatic Institute model. It is a therapeutic modality combining a somatic, autonomic nervous system-based treatment protocol with legal psychedelic medicines.   

Set (mental and emotional state, and intention), setting (the physical location of the experience), therapeutic modality and therapeutic relationship are key determinants of how psychedelics move through a person’s system and the outcomes they produce.   

The autonomic nervous system is crucial in processing the emotions, hidden memories, and unconscious programming that arise in psychedelic therapy. This model allows the nervous system not only to manage symptoms, but to resolve them and to achieve homeostasis.   

Human relational wounding requires human relational healing. PSIP is a comprehensive psychedelic assisted therapy model where the therapist is an active participant in the client’s psychedelic session which keeps the process in the human relational realm. This yields visceral access to childhood developmental trauma, attachment wounding, transferential projection, and the homeostatic self correcting intelligence of the body.    

Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP) uncovers and amplifies the psychedelic properties of easily accessible, legal substances such as cannabis and ketamine. These inexpensive drugs become potent psychedelic medicines when paired with a psychedelic specific modality such as PSIP.   

The therapeutic healing intelligence is in the process, the therapeutic relationship, and innately in the body.


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